How much does it cost?

If you use the blocklist and like it, please feel free to make us a donation but it is free

How do I configure my mailserver to reject mail based on the blocklist?

It is completely similar to other RBLs like Spamcop or Spamhaus. Pick your mailserver software for information on how to properly configure it. If your software isn't included in this list, a comprehensive list is available at Substitute or add "" where applicable. The response code from the SpamCop server to indicate a queried IP is listed is

We recommend that when using any spam filtering method, users be given access to the filtered mail - don't block the mail as documented here, but store it in a separate mailbox. Or tag it and provide users documentation so that they can filter based on the tags in their own MUA. We provide this information only for administrators who cannot use a more subtle approach for whatever reason.

Attention: Spamdown is a small RBL that focused on Persian(فارسی) language then you need to use at least one large DNSBL like in addition to Spamdown.

How can i check if an ip is on the list?

If you want to use the list manually, or from custom software, you should instruct your system to do a dns query for the information. For example, if you want to check if is on the blacklist, you might type this at the command-line:


If you get back an IP address (only, then the IP you asked about is listed. If you get back a non-existant message, then the IP you asked about is not listed. "nslookup" is just the most common method for looking up a hostname. Your system may have another name for it. Other common names are "host" and "dig".

If my ip is listed, does it mean I am a spammer or my ISP hosts spammers?

Not necessarily. The SBL aims to list IP addresses only involved in the source or unauthorized relay of spam. The statistics that the SBL relies on are generated by reports from some sources, and unfortunately innocent parties that have not sent any spam sometimes get listed. If your site has an active listing that you think is wrong, please Contact us?

I'm listed! how to get delisted?

Please goto Removal Center . Because of low Research on Persian(فارسی) spam we have minor information on it, then we decide to use "Manual review" method instead of automatic delist method to gather more information on persian language spam and spammers' behavior. Also Spamdown project is a small RBL focused on a specific language then project team can handle "manual review" process load.

How does Spamdown detection work?

Spamdown use both spamtraps (automatic detection) and editors' reports(manual detection) methods to detect spam sources but primary method is spamtraps (automatic detection).

How can i report a spam (unsolicited) email?

Please send the spam (unsolicited) email in raw format (complete header and body of email) to [email protected] address.
Please be noticed that we will not automatically list all received reports (something like spamcop) and all reports will be analyzed manually case by case by spam detection specialist team and they will decide to accept or ignore the received report, then it will take some times. also we we typically not answer any reports to above address .